Friday, October 10, 2008



Rawa(semolina)- 2 cups

Yoghurt- 1 cup

G.chillies- 1 or 2 ea( finely chopped)

Ginger- 1 tsp ( grated)

Water- 1 cup

Turmeric powder- 1/2 tsp

Deseeded green chillies- 2 ea ( sliced)

Mustard seed- 1 tsp

Sesame seed- 2 tsp

Cilantro- for garnishing

Salt- 1 tsp

ENO salt- 2 tsp

Oil- 2 tbsp + 1 tbsp


Take a bowl add yoghurt, chopped green chillies, turmeric powder & salt to mix well.

Take a big bowl add rawa , 2 tbsp oil to mix well & add yoghurt mixture.

Add with water & make a mild thick batter. Add in the ENO salt & Mix well which helps in raising the batter when it is rested.

I divided the batter to equal potions, one was tried steaming in Microwave oven & the other portion was pressure cooked to try out which comes better.
Well to be honest the portion made by pressure cooking was more softer than the one micro waved.

To cook in the microwave oven place the mix in the bowl& cook it for 4-5 mins .

In the pressure cooker keep it 5 - 6 mins ( made it as we do for idlis).

Cut into equal squares.

Heat oil in a pan Temper with mustard seed, sesame seed, deseeded sliced green chillies & top it up on the Dhokla.

Finish with cilantro to garnish.


  1. Love those dokla Sripriya. Those were really fluffy

  2. I like it a lot... but ENO salt? Can I make do without it???? :(

  3. I havent tried making dhokla at home..Sounds easy to make..

  4. The dokla looks pretty, yummy

  5. wow looks so color full mouth watering priya

  6. Dokla is yummy &looks perfect sripriya...

  7. Looks yummy - I've never had those before.

  8. priya dhokla colur is looks delicious and yummy

  9. I hav never tasted dhokla,i wish i could taste yours!

  10. wow being gujarati I ve never seen semolina dhoklas, dhoklas are usually made from rice and khaman dhoklas from chana dal....
    this is nice version...
    and you are right always try steaming them instead of using microwave method for the best result...

  11. Dhokla look so good. Turned out so perfect for u. I was searching for a nice recipe for dhokla. Will try ur version soon. YUM!

  12. Hi,
    Never tried making Dhokla's at home. your looks nice :) Tagged you for a meme Please take it up if you have time :)

  13. Comming up with yummy yummy recipes. Wow! dhokla looks simply gr8. Love it!

  14. These dhoklas look delicious...can u substitute plain baking soda for eno you think ?

  15. Your Rava dhokla looks very similar to the Besan Dhokla. I do not add Turmeric in my Rava dhokla.

    Lovely Pics Dear!

  16. Dear usha & Anudivya..

    We can replace baking soda for eno salt ,.



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